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Hello! We are Kait and Hank Scarff. 


Kait started off with doing film photography, her dad gave her his minolta camera and she fell in love with creating and developing photographs. 15 years later and she still loves capturing photos and videos for families and couples; every smile, laugh and tear!

Hank and Kait met 2 years ago at a camp in Virginia. Shortly after getting to know each other they fell in love. They both said they knew each other was the one for them after just a few weeks!

Hank has slowly joined the team by being the extra hands Kait needs on the day. He brings to laughs and extra help to keep everything fun and easy for the day,  

They have now expanded their creative skills to florals and coordinating too. Kait has always wanted to own her own venue and what a better way to learn the ropes then coordinating. Hank is the heavy lifter on the day while Kait pays attention to every detail and keep us on track so you and your family doesn't have to worry. 

Let's talk more! 



Talk to you soon!
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